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Memorial Keepsakes

Tears of Sorrow Personalized LED Memorial Candle

Tears of Sorrow Personalized LED Memorial Candle

We are proud to have developed a special technique and use special ink to print directly onto the wax candle for long lasting durability and professional result. Unlike others, our artwork is not a sticker or decal. Make it personal with your submitted photo along with your 2 lines of text beneath the poetry for a special gift. 

The full wrap around background is a pretty soft lavender floral rose design accented with a lovely trio of roses beneath the poetry which reads: "With tears of sorrow, we cry each day, in angels' arms you were carried away. Our memories of love and laughter, shall not fade, for inside our hearts, you will always stay."

Make it personal and add your 2 lines of text beneath the poetry for a special gift. Ready to light a special memory any day of the year.

  • Flickering LED Wax Exterior Candle Adds Realism
  • Turns On and Off At Your Preferred Setting
  • Ivory, Unscented Wax Candle Measures 8"H x 3" Diameter
  • Personalize 2 Lines; 3 AAA Batteries (Included)
  • Ships Within 1-2 Business Days After Order Is Placed 
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    How To Wear A Memorial Button

    Wearing a memorial button is a deeply personal and meaningful gesture, and there are no strict rules on how to wear it. However, many choose to affix the button to their clothing, typically on a lapel or collar, where it is easily visible. Some may opt to pin it to a purse, bag, or even a hat, depending on personal preference. The important thing is to wear the button in a way that feels comfortable and allows for easy visibility, ensuring that the memory of the departed is honored and remembered wherever one goes. Consider the different options for attaching the button to clothing, such as using a pin or clip, in order to find the most comfortable and visible placement.