Collection: Memorial Pillows

Wonderful, soft memorial toss pillows with an in loving memory theme featuring your loved one's photo. Select from a single or double sided imprinting and up to 3 lines personalized text. Our memorial pillow is a wonderful keepsake can be placed in a bedroom or couch and measures 16" x 16" with soft, velvety peach skin or sequin material.  A great sympathy gift or family keepsake honoring a loved one's memory.

Memorial pillows serve as poignant reminders of loved ones who have passed away, offering solace and comfort in times of grief. These pillows are often adorned with personalized embroidery, featuring the name, dates, or even a special message dedicated to the departed soul. Crafted with care, they become tangible symbols of remembrance, providing a tangible connection to cherished memories. Whether placed on a bed, sofa, or kept in a special corner, memorial pillows offer a sense of closeness, allowing individuals to feel the presence of their loved ones even in their absence.