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Memorial portraits are displayed at the funeral or memorial service as a way to provide a visual representation of the loved one. These portraits can be provided on any type of media such as a poster or framed picture. Typically, memorial portraits can be placed at the entry of the service room on a memory table. It can also be displayed in a church, hall or funeral home room at the front by the casket or urn for all family and attendees to see.  If it is a large room, it is recommend to show a larger portrait such as a poster or banner so it can be visible to those sitting in the back row or pew. Often times, you may see a large memorial portrait displayed on an easel stand which is a great way to have flexibility in where it will be placed.

Celebrate Prints offers a variety of memorial portraits on different mediums for you to choose from. Depending on how and where you plan on displaying your loved one's portrait can depend on the size you choose. Shop now to see our large variety! Fast shipping with most orders shipped the same day!


Featured Memorial Portrait

  • Your Photo Custom Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Memorial Portrait

    Memorial portraits can be enlarged to any size. Elevate your memorial portraits by offering the flexibility to enlarge them to any size. Experience the beauty and clarity of a larger-than-life tribute.

  • Beacon Memorial Portrait Poster framed

    Custom Memorial Portrait

    Your favorite photo's background will be removed in our memorial portraits. Experience the professionalism of our memorial portraits as we skillfully remove the background from your favorite photo.

  • Bridge In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster framed

    Memorial Portraits

    We can frame your memorial portrait or you can choose your own frame. Personalize your memorial portrait by opting for a frame that complements your style and decor.

  • Dragonfly Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Memorial Portraits

    Memorial portraits can be photo enhanced prior to enlarging the portrait to the desired size. With our expertise, we can enhance your photos and enlarge them to the exact size you want for your memorial portraits.

  • Devotion Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Memorial Portraits

    Select from any of our backgrounds to be set behind your loved one's photo. Turn your loved one's photo into a masterpiece by choosing from our wide range of stunning background options.

  • Deer Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Memorial Portrait

    We offer hobby based memorial portrait backgrounds such as hunting, sports, or outdoor landscapes. Our wide selection of memorial portrait backgrounds includes various hobby-based themes such as hunting, sports, and outdoor landscapes.

  • Drums Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Memorial Portrait

    Memorial portraits with musical themes. Discover the perfect memorial portrait that captures the essence of your loved one's musical passion. Immerse yourself in the beauty of memorial portraits that celebrate the profound connection between music and memories.

  • Ceasar In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster framed

    Memorial Portraits

    Memorial portraits make a great memorial to display at any funeral or memorial service, Honor your loved ones with our exquisite memorial portraits, a meaningful addition to any funeral or memorial service.

  • Caribbean In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster framed

    Memorial Portrait

    We offer many different sizes for memorial portraits in gloss, matte or canvas finishes. Experience the versatility of our memorial portraits, which come in various sizes and offer the choice between gloss, matte, or canvas finishes.

Cascade In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster

Personalized Memorial Portrait

Memorial Portrait

Memorial portraits hold a unique place in the hearts of those who have lost a loved one. These portraits go beyond mere photographs; they are a timeless expression of love, remembrance, and the enduring legacy of someone cherished. In this article, we delve into the art and significance of memorial portraits, exploring how they offer solace, celebrate life, and become cherished mementos for grieving families.

The Purpose of Memorial Portraits:

Memorial portraits serve as tangible connections to the past, preserving the essence and spirit of a departed loved one. These portraits go beyond ordinary snapshots, capturing the unique personality, warmth, and character of the individual. They provide comfort and solace to grieving families, allowing them to hold onto tangible memories that can be cherished for generations to come.

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Awareness Memorial Portrait Poster

memorial portrait

Custom Memorial Portrait

The art of creating memorial portraits is more than just taking pictures; it's a compassionate and healing process for both the photographer and the grieving family.

Photographers skilled in memorial portraiture understand the delicate nature of their work, approaching each session with empathy and sensitivity. Through their lens, they aim to convey the essence of the departed, creating images that encapsulate the love and joy that person brought into the lives of others.

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Awakening Memorial Portrait Poster

memorial portrait

Memorial Portraits

Photographers work closely with families to understand the preferences and unique qualities of the departed individual. This collaborative effort ensures that the final portrait is a true reflection of the person, incorporating elements that hold special meaning for the family.

Memorial Portrait
A Lasting Legacy:

Memorial portraits become a lasting legacy, preserving the memory of a loved one for future generations. As time passes, these portraits serve as a bridge between the past and the present, allowing family members, friends, and even future descendants to connect with the spirit of the departed. The significance of memorial portraits extends far beyond the immediate grieving period, offering a source of comfort and connection throughout the years.

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Dragonfly Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

memorial portraits

Featured Memorial Portrait

While traditional painted or drawn portraits have a timeless appeal, modern technology has introduced digital mediums for creating memorial portraits. Digital renditions allow for greater flexibility, enabling the inclusion of various elements, styles, and even the integration of multimedia components. This versatility provides families with more options to create a memorial portrait that truly resonates with their vision.

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Memorial Portrait FAQs

What is the difference between a portrait and a still life?

A portrait is an illustration of a person or animal, capturing not just their likeness but also conveying a particular mood or personality. On the other hand, a still life focuses on inanimate objects such as flowers, food, or musical instruments. In a still life, an artist exhibits their expertise in capturing the interplay of shapes, light, and shadow.

What size should memorial photos be?

To create a solemn and informative atmosphere at a funeral ceremony, consider using picture sizes of 16 x 20 inches (40.64 x 50.8 cm) next to the casket. For entrance photos, the ideal size is 8 x 10 inches (20.32 x 25.4 cm), while program photos are best displayed in 5 x 7 inches (12.7 x 17.78 cm).

How do I choose a memorial photo?

When selecting a photo, ensure it is not cropped and is in focus. Opt for a well-lit photo that clearly shows facial details. Natural-looking photos are recommended, while overly saturated or touched up photos should be avoided. Additionally, pay attention to the background and prioritize high resolution, digital images.

What photo should you use for a funeral?

For a formal and educational approach, emphasize the importance of commemorating their memory by showcasing photographs that reflect their personality and cherished belongings. Furthermore, don't forget to include images that capture noteworthy milestones in their journey.

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