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Eco Friendly Memorials

Southwest Custom Memorial Seed Packet (Pack of 10)

Southwest Custom Memorial Seed Packet (Pack of 10)

This is a favorite wildflower mixture containing a variety of wildflowers, both annuals and perennials, that will thrive in the Southwest region of the country. The Southwest Wildflower Seed Mix is designed to create beautiful color all season long, year after year - It will burst into blooms the first year with the annual wildflowers and provide color in years after with the perennials. 

Requires full sun, mostly sunny, half sun, half shade. Plant seeds in dry, moist, or well draining soil. Ideal growing region is in the Southeast states of  Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah. Planting instructions are provided on the packet.

The background of your submitted photo will be removed and embedded into this background on the seed packet. 

  • Personalized With Your Photo on Front of Seed Packet; Up to 3 Lines of Personalized Text on the Front with Planting Instruction on Back
  • Makes A Great Annual Memorial That Blossoms Flowers Year After Year; Per Package of 10 Seed Packets; Ships The Same or Next Business Day
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How To Wear A Memorial Button

Wearing a memorial button is a deeply personal and meaningful gesture, and there are no strict rules on how to wear it. However, many choose to affix the button to their clothing, typically on a lapel or collar, where it is easily visible. Some may opt to pin it to a purse, bag, or even a hat, depending on personal preference. The important thing is to wear the button in a way that feels comfortable and allows for easy visibility, ensuring that the memory of the departed is honored and remembered wherever one goes. Consider the different options for attaching the button to clothing, such as using a pin or clip, in order to find the most comfortable and visible placement.