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Memorial Keepsakes

Mistletoe Cardinal Acrylic Sparkling Ornament

Mistletoe Cardinal Acrylic Sparkling Ornament

Our Mistletoe Cardinal Acrylic Sparkling Ornament reflects the colors of the pure crystals; hang it in a window and watch as the light sparkles through the transparent diamond shaped ornament. This cluster of crystals sparkles and shines in the sun or by Christmas lights. Works equally well as a sun catcher or Christmas ornament. Hang it in your office or dorm room it's especially beautiful when hanging in the window, Christmas tree or in front of a light. Recommended for indoor use. Made from acrylic and measures 4 inches in height with 3 inches organza loop. The cute little red cardinal sits perched within the fir branches for a special remembrance that a loved one is near.

  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 4 inches height
  • Additional Sizing: 3 inches white organza loop
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How To Wear A Memorial Button

Wearing a memorial button is a deeply personal and meaningful gesture, and there are no strict rules on how to wear it. However, many choose to affix the button to their clothing, typically on a lapel or collar, where it is easily visible. Some may opt to pin it to a purse, bag, or even a hat, depending on personal preference. The important thing is to wear the button in a way that feels comfortable and allows for easy visibility, ensuring that the memory of the departed is honored and remembered wherever one goes. Consider the different options for attaching the button to clothing, such as using a pin or clip, in order to find the most comfortable and visible placement.