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Memorial Keepsakes

Flourish Personalized Wax Pillar Memorial Candle

Flourish Personalized Wax Pillar Memorial Candle

An elegant lavender rose and ivy frame surrounds your loved one's photo along with up to 3 lines of personalized text on the front of the candle. The back provides a lovely word art in loving memory quote which reads "Those who touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever."

Wax Memorial Candle Features

  • 3" x 9" High, White Unscented Pillar Memory Candle
  • Glass Plate, Optional 
  • Complimentary Photo Editing, If Needed
  • 3 Lines of Your Text Personalization
  • Ships Within 2-3 Business Days After Order Is Shipped
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Light A Memory With Memorial Candles

In times of mourning, the quest for meaningful symbols to commemorate the lives of our loved ones leads many to the gentle glow of memorial candles. These candles, often lit during memorial services, anniversaries, and other moments of reflection, serve as powerful, symbolic beacons of remembrance. This article explores the significance of memorial candles, their uses, and the solace they can provide.

The Symbolic Significance of Memorial Candles
Memorial candles hold a deep symbolic meaning in many cultures and traditions. The act of lighting a candle in memory of someone is thought to represent the presence of the spirit and the continuation of life despite physical death. The flame signifies hope, the memory of the light the deceased brought into the world, and a prayer that their light continues to shine in the afterlife.

Uses of Memorial Candles
During Funeral Services: Memorial candles are often lit at the beginning of a funeral or memorial service and allowed to burn throughout the ceremony. This act honors the memory of the deceased and serves as a visual reminder of their enduring spirit.

Anniversaries and Special Dates: Lighting a candle on anniversaries of the loved one’s death, their birthdays, or other significant dates can be a comforting ritual, providing a dedicated time to reflect on their life and legacy.

Healing and Coping: For many, the simple act of lighting a candle is a therapeutic gesture that helps manage grief. It can create a moment of peace and solitude, or a shared space for family and friends to gather and support each other.

Memorial Spaces in the Home: Creating a small memorial space in one’s home with a candle can serve as a focal point for remembrance and reflection, offering a sense of closeness to the departed.

Choosing the Right Memorial Candle
When selecting a memorial candle, consider the following:

Duration: Some prefer candles that burn for an extended period, such as a seven-day candle, which can provide a lasting tribute throughout a week of mourning or reflection.
Scent: Scented candles can evoke memories and emotions linked to the deceased, such as their favorite fragrance or the scent of their garden.

Personalization: Custom candles can include photographs, names, dates, or personal messages that make the memorial more personal and reflective of the deceased’s life.

The Emotional Impact of Memorial Candles
The act of lighting a candle for someone who has passed away can have a profound emotional impact. It helps keep their memory alive and allows individuals to express their grief in a ritualistic, respectful way. The light of the candle in a dark room can also symbolize hope and the possibility of moving forward while still cherishing and honoring the past.

Memorial candles are much more than just objects; they are a testament to the undying impact of those we have lost. Whether during a solemn funeral, on a special anniversary, or within the quiet of one's home, these candles illuminate memories and warm our hearts with the enduring presence of loved ones. In the simple act of lighting a candle, we affirm that though they are gone, they will never be forgotten.

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