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Memorial Keepsakes

Family Tree Photo Memorial Light Box

Family Tree Photo Memorial Light Box

Beautiful outdoor setting with glistening light peeking through the large oak tree branches and golden grassy field sets the scene for our photo light box memorial. Your submitted photo will be placed expertly within this scene. Electric photo light box includes 7-watt bulb and personalization. Ships within 2-3 days after order is placed.

This is the perfect memorial gift that a family can plug in and light a memory for any loved one. Your submitted photo will be placed within our oak tree with golden grassy field backdrop. The on/off switch let's you turn it on at any desired time, so no batteries needed! The golden glow of sunlight peeks it way through the oak tree branches for a soft glow which is great for the loved one who enjoyed the outdoors or lived in this type of peaceful setting.

Our photo light box is made of quality wood composite and is completed in a dark expresso wood finish for a perfect presentation. Available in 2 sizes of your choice. Submit your favorite photo and personalize 2 lines of text which is printed under our popular word art overlay. The inset window panel provides soft rounded corners, word art quote reads "A limb has fallen from the family tree. I keep hearing a voice that says, "grieve not for me." Remember the best times, the laughter, the song, the good life I lived while I was strong."

We print your submitted photo directly onto the acrylic window pane for a more durable pane which is 10x stronger than glass! No breakage and safer during shipment.

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How To Wear A Memorial Button

Wearing a memorial button is a deeply personal and meaningful gesture, and there are no strict rules on how to wear it. However, many choose to affix the button to their clothing, typically on a lapel or collar, where it is easily visible. Some may opt to pin it to a purse, bag, or even a hat, depending on personal preference. The important thing is to wear the button in a way that feels comfortable and allows for easy visibility, ensuring that the memory of the departed is honored and remembered wherever one goes. Consider the different options for attaching the button to clothing, such as using a pin or clip, in order to find the most comfortable and visible placement.