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Funeral and memorial posters are prominently displayed at any service. They can come in a variety of sizes and printed on various different materials. Typically, a funeral or memorial poster can be displayed and set on a free standing easel or framed and placed on a wall or table.  Memorial posters are a way to provide a. visual representation of a loved one taken from a special time in their life.  Celebrate Prints offers 5 sizes for an in loving memory poster to choose from along with the type of backing and mounting for your poster. 

Pricing varies depending on size. We expertly remove the background of your submitted photo(s) and place them on any of the backgrounds we offer. The end result is a professional presentation that is sure to honor your loved one's memory! Submit up to 3 photos and optional 3 lines of personalized text. Available in Matte, Gloss or Canvas material.  Order yours today for fast shipping in time for your service.

Featured Funeral Poster

  • Delight Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Funeral Posters

    Families can choose from a variety of design options, incorporating loved one's name, photograph, quotes, and significant dates.

  • Your Photo Custom Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Funeral Posters

    With our funeral posters, we ensure the removal of the background from your favorite photo is done with utmost professionalism and expertise.

  • Deer Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Funeral Posters

    Funeral posters become a focal point during memorial services, creating a space for reflection and remembrance.

  • Carol In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster

    Funeral Posters

    Funeral posters play a crucial role in memorial services, serving as a central point for reflection and remembrance.

  • Charity In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster

    Funeral Posters

    Funeral posters are a personalized representation, ensuring that the poster becomes a heartfelt reflection of the person being honored.

  • Crucifix Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Funeral Posters

    Funeral posters serve as a visual commemoration, providing a tangible and lasting tribute to the life of the deceased.

  • Calle In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster

    Funeral Poster

    Funeral posters go beyond the traditional funeral program, offering a more comprehensive and expressive medium for celebrating the individual's journey.

  • Classic Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    Funeral Posters

    In times of loss, families seek meaningful ways to honor and remember their departed loved ones. Funeral posters have emerged as a poignant and personalized tribute.

  • Carpenter In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster

    Funeral Posters

    Explore our collection of memorial portraits, available in various sizes and offering a choice between gloss, matte, or canvas finishes. Experience their versatility.

Candlelight In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster

funeral posters

Funeral Posters

Advancements in technology have expanded the possibilities for funeral posters. While traditional printed posters continue to be popular, digital options offer additional flexibility. Families can choose to create virtual posters for online memorials, ensuring that the tribute reaches a broader audience. Digital funeral posters may include interactive elements, such as slideshows and video clips, further enhancing the storytelling experience.

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Brilliance In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster

funeral poster

Funeral Posters

Beyond capturing personal moments, funeral posters celebrate the achievements and contributions of the departed individual. Whether it's academic accomplishments, professional milestones, or personal passions, the poster serves as a canvas to showcase the impact the person had on their community, family, and the world at large. This celebration of achievements fosters a sense of pride and appreciation for the life being honored.

Displaying Funeral Poster Memories:

Funeral posters are not only meaningful during the memorial service but also serve as cherished keepsakes for family members and friends. After the funeral, these posters find a place in homes, becoming a lasting reminder of the person's legacy. The act of displaying the poster allows for ongoing reflection and remembrance, providing comfort and solace to those mourning the loss.

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Ashanti Memorial Portraits Poster

Funeral Poster

Funeral Posters

Funeral posters often serve as a visual timeline, chronicling significant moments and milestones in the life of the departed. Photographs capture the individual's journey from childhood to adulthood, highlighting key achievements, relationships, and memorable events. By presenting a comprehensive visual narrative, funeral posters become a powerful storytelling medium, allowing attendees to connect with the life being celebrated.

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Basketball Memorial Portrait Poster

Funeral Posters

Featured Funeral Posters

Funeral posters are a touching and personalized way to celebrate the lives of departed loved ones. As visual tributes, they go beyond the conventional funeral program, allowing families to create a comprehensive and meaningful representation of the individual being honored. The customization options, the ability to capture moments in time, and the celebration of achievements make funeral posters a powerful medium for remembering and cherishing the legacies of those who have passed away. In the midst of grief, funeral posters offer a source of comfort, fostering a sense of connection and remembrance that extends beyond the memorial service.

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Cornfield Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

funeral posters

Funeral Poster

Funeral posters with backgrounds tailored to your loved one's geographic location, hobby or vocation. Our funeral posters are customizable to honor your loved one's memory with personalized backgrounds based on their interests and where they lived. Our expertly designed funeral posters meticulously capture the essence of your loved one's life by incorporating personalized backgrounds inspired by their geographic location, hobbies, or vocation.

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Funeral Posters FAQs

What is a funeral poster called?

Funeral posters (also referred to as Memorial Posters) provide a wonderful opportunity to customize your loved one's funeral, memorial, or celebration of life service. Capture the essence of your loved one's funeral, memorial, or celebration of life service with our customizable funeral posters, also referred to as memorial posters.

What size is a funeral poster?

Our funeral posters are available in a variety of sizes, depending on your needs and where you plan on displaying them. Discover the perfect size for your funeral posters from our diverse selection, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your chosen display location.

What is the best photo to place on a funeral poster?

Any photo you choose and submit as long as it is of good resolution. Keep in mind we do have to enlarge it and as it is enlarged, pixels get lost, resulting in a not-so-clear photo. We can enhance it as much as we can but the final photo will depend on the original resolution you submitted.

Can I have my funeral poster framed or do I frame it myself?

You can order it framed and ready to display or without a frame. You can also display it without a frame and then frame it after the service as a memorial to your loved one.

What is the difference between a funeral poster and memorial portrait?

A funeral poster is meant for display at the service and is larger than the average size portrait. A memorial portrait is typically smaller in size and will not contain any text but rather, just the photo which is displayed in a home for remembrance.

Displaying A Funeral Poster

Displaying a funeral poster is a poignant way to honor the memory of a loved one and create a meaningful focal point at a memorial service or funeral. Whether placed at the entrance of the venue, near the casket, or in a designated area for remembrance, the funeral poster serves as a visual tribute that celebrates the life and legacy of the departed.

Featuring photographs, meaningful quotes, and personal anecdotes, the poster offers a glimpse into the cherished moments and lasting impact of the individual being commemorated.The placement of the funeral poster is crucial in ensuring that it serves as a prominent and respectful tribute to the departed. Consider positioning the poster in a central location where it can be easily seen by attendees as they enter the venue or gather for the service. Placing the poster near the casket or urn can provide a focal point for reflection and remembrance, allowing mourners to pay their respects and honor the memory of the deceased.

In addition to its visual impact, the funeral poster also serves as a catalyst for storytelling and reminiscing. As attendees gather around the poster, they may be prompted to share memories, anecdotes, and stories of their interactions with the departed. This interactive element fosters a sense of community and connection among mourners, allowing them to celebrate the life and legacy of their loved one together. Ultimately, displaying a funeral poster offers a meaningful way to honor the memory of the departed and provide comfort and solace to those who are grieving.

How To Make Funeral Posters

memorial service. These large displays can serve multiple purposes: honoring the memory of the deceased, providing information about the service, and offering a visual focal point for attendees. To begin making funeral posters, you need to gather key information and decide on the central theme or message that will be conveyed through the poster. This usually involves a prominent photograph of the deceased, along with their name, birth and death dates, and a meaningful quote or saying that encapsulates their life and spirit.

The design of the funeral poster is a critical step. You can choose to create a simple, elegant layout or something more elaborate, depending on the style and personality of the deceased. When selecting a photograph, consider one that captures a happy moment or significant event in the person's life. The choice of fonts, colors, and decorative elements like borders or patterns should align with the overall tone of the funeral service. Keep the design clean and uncluttered to ensure the focus remains on the central elements, such as the photo and key information.

Incorporating personal touches can make funeral posters more meaningful. You might include a brief biography, outlining major milestones in the deceased's life, or a collection of memorable quotes from family and friends. Adding symbols or imagery that reflect the deceased's interests, faith, or hobbies can also enhance the poster's impact. If the deceased had a favorite color or flower, consider including those elements to create a more personalized tribute. By incorporating these unique touches, you create a poster that resonates with attendees and helps them connect with the memory of the loved one.

Once the design is finalized, the next step is printing the funeral poster. High-quality printing is essential to ensure the images and text are clear and vibrant. You can print the poster at home with a large-format printer or use a professional printing service for a more polished finish. When choosing the size, consider the venue and where the poster will be displayed. A standard size is 24x36 inches, but you can opt for larger or smaller sizes depending on the space available. It's also a good idea to print a test version to check for errors or adjustments before printing the final copies.

The final step is setting up and displaying the funeral poster during the service. You can place the poster on an easel at the entrance to greet attendees as they arrive, or use it as a backdrop for a memorial table with photographs and other mementos. If there are multiple posters, consider placing them throughout the venue to create a cohesive visual tribute. After the funeral or memorial service, the poster can be given to the family as a keepsake or used at other commemorative events. By creating a well-designed funeral poster, you contribute to a meaningful and memorable service that honors the life and legacy of the deceased.

  • Cornfield Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    In Loving Memory Poster

    An "In Loving Memory" poster serves as a poignant tribute to commemorate the life of a departed loved one. These posters are typically displayed at funeral or memorial services, wake gatherings, or other commemorative events to honor and remember the individual who has passed away.

  • Coral Funeral Memorial Poster Portrait - Celebrate Prints

    In Loving Memory Posters

    In loving memory posters are designed with care and consideration, these posters encapsulate the essence of the departed, celebrating their life and legacy while providing comfort and solace to grieving family and friends.

  • Caribbean In Loving Memory Memorial Portrait Poster

    In Loving Memory Poster

    The design of an "In Loving Memory" poster often includes a photograph of the departed individual, capturing a cherished memory or moment shared with loved ones. The careful selection of the image can evoke emotions and memories in a meaningful way.

  • Crossing Funeral Memorial Poster - Celebrate Prints

    In Loving Memory Poster

    The in loving memory poster showcases a combination of photograph, typography, and messages that express love, remembrance, and tribute. It may incorporate quotes, poems, or passages that carry unique significance, stirring emotions and memories.

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