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Memorial fans are typically made out of heavy card stock with a wooden stick adhered to at the bottom of the fan shape. The memorial hand fans can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Memorial fans can be a form of honoring a loved one's memory and are personalized with text and photo of the deceased. The memorial hand fans are distributed during a funeral or memorial service and are very popular during warm summer months to cool oneself or provide individual shade at a grave site service.

We are the largest manufacturer of memorial fans offered in a large variety of styles. Although popular year round, our hand fans are a perfect handout in the warm summer months during the ceremony or at graveside. Place special text and/or up to 3 photos on our memorial fans if desired to commemorate a loved one's memory. We offer various styles and material for our custom memorial hand fans. Great option for funeral memorials or we can make for any occasion! Pack of 10.

Featured Memorial Fan

  • Waterfall Memorial Custom Folding Hand Held Fan (Pack of 10) - Celebrate Prints

    Folding Memorial Fans

    Folding memorial fans are convenient in size and laminated with a high gloss finish. Order yours today!

  • Vision Memorial Fan With Wooden Handle (Pack Of 10) - Celebrate Prints

    Hour Glass Memorial Fans

    Hour glass memorial fans with wooden handle can be engraved with additional wording if desired.

  • Pink Bouquet Heart Memorial Fan With Wooden Handle (Pack Of 10) - Celebrate Prints

    Heart Memorial Fans

    Heart shaped memorial fans show love with our unique shape with wooden handle. Get your fans today.

  • US Flag Memorial Custom Folding Hand Held Fan (Pack of 10) - Celebrate Prints

    Folding Memorial Fans

    Patriotic background with U.S. flag makes a wonderful design for your personalized folding memorial fans.

  • Heart Memorial Fans

    Heart shape memorial fan with amazing sunset set as the background for your loved one's photo.

  • Starry Memorial Fan With Wooden Handle (Pack Of 10) - Celebrate Prints

    Hour Glass Memorial Fans

    A bright, sunny backdrop with touches of stars scattered in the background ready to contain your text and photo.

  • Hour Glass Memorial Fans

    Outdoor landscape in this memorial fan design offers the sparkling sun setting in the horizon. The intricate design of this memorial fan captures the essence of nature with the sun setting in the horizon.

  • Red Roses Memorial Folding Hand Held Fan (Pack of 10) - Celebrate Prints

    Folding Memorial Fans

    Folding memorial fans are convenient in sizing and can be easily carried and folded. A perfect memorial fan raedy for distribution. These folding memorial fans are designed for ease of use and transportation, making them a practical choice for memorials.

  • Heart Memorial Fans

    Heart shape memorial fan is created with your chosen photo set upon an outdoor landscape. Crafted with care, our heart-shaped memorial fan features a personalized photo set against a serene outdoor backdrop.

Memorial Hand Fans

Memorial Fans

In loving memory hand fans or memorial fans are a heartfelt and functional tribute used during memorial services to provide comfort and commemorate the life of a loved one. These fans are thoughtfully designed to not only offer a breeze in warm settings but also to serve as a keepsake that mourners can cherish long after the service has ended. Typically made from sturdy cardstock and affixed to a durable handle, these fans are both practical and sentimental, designed to endure as a lasting memento of the day.

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personalized casket panel insert

Personalized Memorial Fan

The design of these hand fans often includes personal touches that celebrate the individual’s life. Common elements feature photographs of the deceased, along with their birth and death dates, and may include meaningful quotes, poems, or excerpts from favorite songs. This personalization turns each fan into a unique tribute to the deceased, making it a deeply significant part of the service. It allows attendees to reflect on the life and legacy of their loved one while providing some physical comfort during the ceremony.

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custom casket panel

Memorial Fan

In loving memory hand fans also play a role in setting the tone of the memorial service. They can be customized to match the theme of the service or reflect the interests and personality of the deceased. For example, fans could depict a beautiful garden for someone who loved nature or feature artistic elements that represent the deceased's passion for the arts. This attention to detail adds an extra layer of intimacy to the service, helping family and friends connect with the memories of their loved one.

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memorial fan

Memorial Fans

Memorial fans encourage a communal sense of mourning and remembrance. As attendees fan themselves, they engage in a shared, soothing action that fosters a sense of unity and collective support. This simple yet effective tool not only provides physical relief but also strengthens the emotional and spiritual connections among those gathered, enhancing the communal grieving process. In loving memory hand fans thus become more than just practical items; they are powerful symbols of love, remembrance, and community solidarity.

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Memorial Fan Wooden Handles

Memorial fans with personalized and engraved wooden handles offer a practical and poignant tribute during funeral services, providing comfort to attendees while serving as meaningful keepsakes. These fans are typically crafted from durable cardstock attached to sturdy wooden handles, ensuring they can withstand use throughout the service and beyond as cherished mementos. The customization of these fans often includes personal details such as a photograph of the deceased, significant dates, and a favorite quote or scripture, making each fan a deeply personal reminder of the loved one's life and legacy. Their use during the service not only helps keep guests cool but also adds a layer of personal touch to the ceremony, making the memorial fan with wooden handles a symbol of remembrance and respect.

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frequently asked questions about in loving memory hand fans

Memorial Fans FAQs

How many memorial fans do I get for the price?

A quantity of 1 = 10 fans.

Can I place more than 1 photo on the memorial fan?

Yes, you can place up to 3 photos or more on our memorial fans. You can upload your photo(s) on the order page.

What material is the memorial fan made of?

Our memorial fans are made of sturdy cardstock paper.

Can I get the handle personalized on the memorial fans?

Yes, we do offer memorial fan handle engraving for an additional cost.

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Memorial Hand Fans: A Touch of Comfort and Remembrance

Memorial hand fans are unique and thoughtful items often distributed at funeral services, especially in warmer climates or during summer months. These fans not only provide physical comfort to mourners but also serve as poignant keepsakes that carry sentimental and symbolic significance. This article explores the purpose, design, and lasting impact of memorial hand fans at funeral services.

Purpose of Memorial Hand Fans
Memorial hand fans have a dual purpose: to offer immediate comfort by providing a gentle breeze in often warm and crowded service venues, and to serve as tangible mementos that attendees can take home. By combining practical utility with emotional significance, these fans help soothe the physical discomfort of mourners while also providing a subtle reminder of the life celebrated during the service.

Design Elements of Memorial Hand Fans
The design of memorial hand fans can vary widely, but they typically include several key elements:

Photography and Graphics:
The front of the fan often features a photograph of the deceased, along with their name and the dates of their birth and death. This personalization turns the fan into a more intimate keepsake.

Decorative elements such as floral patterns, religious symbols, or other designs that reflect the deceased’s personality or interests might also be included.

Inspirational Quotes or Scriptures:
Many fans include a favorite quote, poem, or scripture of the deceased. This addition offers comfort and reflection for attendees during and after the service.

Material and Build:
Fans are generally made from durable materials like thick cardstock, often mounted on a wooden handle. This ensures they are sturdy enough to be used during the service and kept as keepsakes afterwards.
Creating Memorial Hand Fans
Creating a memorial hand fan involves several considerations to ensure they are both beautiful and meaningful:

Choose an Appropriate Image: Selecting a photograph that captures the essence of the deceased is crucial. This image often evokes fond memories and serves as a visual tribute to their life.

Incorporate Meaningful Text:
Whether it's a brief biography, a meaningful quote, or religious text, the wording should resonate with the family and attendees, providing comfort or inspiration.

Opt for High-Quality Printing: Professional printing can enhance the appearance of the fans, making them suitable for the solemnity of the occasion and durable enough to last.

The Impact of Memorial Hand Fans
The impact of memorial hand fans extends beyond the funeral service. As mourners keep these fans, they become cherished symbols of the loved one lost. They can be displayed in homes or included in scrapbooks, serving as constant reminders of the deceased’s life and the community that gathered to honor them.

Moreover, during the service itself, the sight of a congregation of family and friends using the fans printed with a loved one’s image or favorite quote can be a powerful visual. It helps unite the attendees in their grief and remembrance, reinforcing the community's support for the bereaved family.

Memorial hand fans are more than just practical objects used during a funeral service; they are heartfelt tokens that provide comfort and signify remembrance. Carefully designed and thoughtfully distributed, these fans not only help alleviate the physical strain of a warm service environment but also foster a deeper connection to the memories of the deceased. As such, they hold a special place in the traditions of mourning and remembrance, offering a blend of solace and tribute that endures well beyond the day of the service.

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