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The lighting of a memorial candle transcends mere symbolism; it is a tangible expression of love, respect, and gratitude for the life that was lived. In the soft glow of the candlelight, memories are illuminated, and hearts are uplifted as family and friends gather to honor the departed soul. The gentle warmth of the flame serves as a beacon of hope amidst the darkness of grief, reminding us that although our loved ones may no longer be with us physically, their spirit lives on in our hearts and memories.

You can find our memorial candles in wax, LED or glass styles in varying sizes. Our unique imprinting technique sets us apart and produces a professional and durable memorial  keepsake. Select from our large collection of memorial candles which makes an ideal gift or keepsake for everyone. LED candles includes batteries are ready for lighting. Memorial candles are available in a variety of styles, sizes and designs.

Lighting A Memory With Memorial Candles

In the midst of life's hustle and bustle, there are moments when we pause to remember and honor those who have passed on from this world. In these moments of reflection and commemoration, memorial candles play a poignant role, casting a gentle glow that symbolizes the enduring light of cherished memories. Lighting a memorial candle is more than just a tradition; it's a profound act that bridges the realms of the living and the departed, offering solace, remembrance, and a sense of connection.

The Tradition of Memorial Candles

The tradition of lighting candles in memory of the deceased dates back centuries and transcends cultural boundaries. Across various faiths and beliefs, lighting candles holds deep symbolic significance. In many cultures, candles represent the eternal soul, the spirit's journey beyond the physical realm, and the hope for peace and enlightenment. Thus, when we light a candle in memory of a loved one, we are not merely igniting wax and wick but kindling the flame of their enduring presence in our hearts.

A Symbol of Remembrance

Memorial candles serve as tangible symbols of remembrance, allowing us to honor the lives and legacies of those who have passed away. Whether placed at a graveside, memorial site, or within the sanctuary of one's home, these flickering flames serve as beacons of love and reverence. They remind us that though our loved ones may no longer be physically present, their memories continue to illuminate our lives and guide us through moments of darkness.

A Source of Comfort and Healing

In times of grief and mourning, the act of lighting a memorial candle can provide profound comfort and solace. The soft, warm glow of the flame offers a sense of calmness and reassurance amidst the storm of emotions. It becomes a focal point for reflection, allowing us to commune with the spirit of the departed and find solace in the shared memories we hold dear. In this way, the simple act of lighting a candle becomes a sacred ritual of healing and renewal, helping us navigate the complexities of loss and find meaning in the midst of sorrow.

Connecting Across Generations

Memorial candles also serve as a powerful tool for connecting across generations, bridging the gap between the past, present, and future. As we light a candle in memory of our ancestors, we honor the legacy they have passed down to us and acknowledge our place within the continuum of family and tradition. Through this act, we ensure that the stories, values, and wisdom of those who came before us remain alive and vibrant in our hearts and minds.

A Timeless Tribute

Whether commemorating the loss of a loved one or paying tribute to the victims of a collective tragedy, memorial candles hold a timeless significance. They bear witness to the depth of our emotions, the strength of our bonds, and the resilience of the human spirit. In times of joy and celebration, they serve as symbols of gratitude and appreciation, reminding us to cherish the fleeting moments we share with one another.

In the gentle flicker of a memorial candle, we find solace, remembrance, and hope. It is a beacon of light that transcends time and space, illuminating the pathways of our memories and guiding us through the darkness of grief. As we continue to honor the lives of those who have passed on, let us take comfort in the enduring flame of their legacy and the profound impact they have had on our lives. For in the glow of a single candle, we find the warmth of countless memories and the enduring power of love.

Featured Memorial Candles

  • Wax Memorial Candles

    Small white, wax candle with 2 lines of personalized text set under our lovely "In Loving Memory" scripted artwork.

  • LED Memorial Candles

    LED Memorial candles with your 3 lines of text and favorite loved one's photo set within the center. Automatic timer, optional.

  • Tea Light Memorial Candle

    Lovely heart shaped tea light stone memorial candle holder with wax tea light. Your personalized text is engraved on the top.

  • Tea Light Memorial Candles

    Special tea light memorial candle holder in a white container enables you to place any wax candle within its center.

  • Tea Light Memorial Candle

    Floral shaped tea light memorial candle holder creates an interesting presentation with a small wax candle set in the center.

  • Tea Light Memorial Candles

    Popular tea light glass memorial candles with artwork wrapped all the way around presented in a variety of designs.

  • Memorial Candles

    We offer the largest selection of memorial candles styles and sizes that are personalized especially for a loved one's memory. Light anytime of the year and makes a great and thoughtful sympathy gift.

  • LED Memorial Candles

    LED Memorial Candles offer a variety of designs with optional automatic shutoff timer. Available in the traditional round cylinder and unique square shape adorned in various designs and colors.

  • Glass Memorial Candles

    Square glass memorial candles with wording of your choice. Pre-poured wax already included and ready to light a memory. Illuminate a memory with our square glass memorial candles, pre-poured with wax and ready to light.

U.S. Flag Square Dancing Wick LED Memorial Candle - Celebrate Prints

personalized memorial candles

Personalized Square Memorial Candle

A unique LED memorial candle presented in a rectangular presentation with flickering light for a realistic display. Crafted with precision to simulate the gentle flickering of a real candle, creating a lifelike ambiance. Designed with attention to detail, the flickering light of the LED candle evokes the warmth and comfort of a traditional candle without the worry of an open flame.

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Thoughts of You Personalized LED Memorial Candle - Celebrate Prints

personalized memorial candles

Memorial Candles

Our memorial candle offers the funeral poem "I Thought of You With Love Today" written all the way around the candle. This candle offers an LED lighted memory with batteries included ready to light! Illuminate your memories with our LED-lit memorial candle showcasing the touching funeral poem "I Thought of You With Love Today" wrapped around the candle.

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US Flag Personalized Glass Memorial Candle - Celebrate Prints

personalized memorial candles

Glass Memorial Candles

Our popular cylinder pillar memorial candles are wrapped with a variety of choices in our inventory of designs. Your personalized text and photo accompanies the design for the perfect memorial keepsake. Choose from a range of elegant designs to truly personalize your memorial candles to commemorate your loved ones.

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Resting In Paradise Stone Heart Memorial Tea Light Candle Holder - Celebrate Prints

personalized memorial candles

Featured Tea Light Memorial Candle

Our exclusive stone heart memorial candle creates your text engraved on the surface. Available in a variety of pastel colors and sayings. Crafted with precision, our stone heart memorial candle allows you to personalize it with your own engraved text. Select from a range of soothing pastel hues and heartfelt expressions.

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The Value Dancing Wick LED Memorial Candle - Celebrate Prints

LED Dancing Wick Memorial Candles

Memorial candle with flickering LED light with your 2 lines of personalized text set under the memorial quote. Personalize this memorial candle with flickering LED light by adding your own 2 lines of text underneath the touching memorial quote.Light a memory any time of the year in honor of your loved one. Illuminate your space with a beautiful reminder of those who are no longer with us. Brighten up your environment with a touching homage to loved ones who have left us.

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memorial candles frequently asked questions

Memorial Candles FAQs

Can I put my own wording on the memorial candle?

Yes, we can do a full custom memorial candle solely on the wording you provide.

Does your LED memorial candles come with batteries?

Yes, we always provide the batteries for all our LED candles so it is ready to turn on for a lighted memory.

Does the memorial candle holders come with a candle?

Yes absolutely. We always provide either an LED or wax candle perfectly sized for the holder (depending on the one you choose) so that it is ready to light a memory.

What makes your memorial candles unique?

Our designs, quality and large variety stands us out from anyone else. We often manufacture and create our own holders so you won't find them anywhere else except from our online superstore.

How soon can I get my memorial candles?

You can choose from 1, 2, or 3 day shipping depending on how soon you need it. Please allow us for production time then add the shipping time of the courier.

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