Collection: Funeral Guest Book

A funeral guest book is a way for the surviving family to capture special remembrances, attendee names and addresses written within the content pages. Guests sign-in and provide their name, address and any special messages of condolence to the family in the appropriate pages. Other fill-in pages may also precede the registry pages such as personal and service information. Funeral guest books can also serve as a memory book and offers different bindings and is a great way to give others a chance to express condolences and relay fond memories, quotes, photos and more of the deceased.  We offer a variety of cover materials, styles, sizes, and colors in our full line of memorial books. 

Choose your options in matte, velvet touch or high gloss finish, with or without a photo. We personalized our guest books especially for your family highlighting your loved one in this special, one-of-a-kind memory book all in one!