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Celebrate Prints offers made to fit casket head panel inserts is placed on the inside of the casket lid and offers a personalized presentation with your loved one's photo and personalized text. The casket head panel insert is available in your choice of material set upon a sturdy board material of available choices.

Custom casket panel inserts provide a deeply personal touch to a loved one's final resting place, allowing families to customize the interior lid of the casket with meaningful imagery, such as cherished photographs, favorite landscapes, or significant symbols. These inserts are designed to reflect the personality and life of the deceased, creating a more intimate and comforting atmosphere during the viewing or service. By incorporating these custom elements, the casket becomes more than just a vessel; it transforms into a tribute to the individual's life and legacy, offering a visual focal point that evokes memories and celebrates the unique journey of the departed. This customization not only personalizes the farewell but also aids in the grieving process by visually encapsulating cherished moments and beloved traits of the deceased. 

You can replace the standard panel insert with a colorful and tailored look. The insert can be kept inside the casket upon burial or removed and kept by the surviving family as a keepsake in honor of their loved one. Beautify and add a colorful memorial inside your loved one's casket! Just supply your insert size and our insert is created to fit into any casket brand. Add optional photo(s) with your personalized text. Your choice of Cloth Matte, High Gloss, or Canvas Material. Ships same day if ordered by 2PM CST.

Featured Casket Panel

  • Welcome Home Casket Head Panel Insert - Celebrate Prints

    Faith Based Casket Panel

    White cancer ribbons are a great way to raise awareness for lung cancer. Personalized it with 3 lines of text. Ready to wear.

  • White Flowers Casket Head Panel Insert - Celebrate Prints

    Casket Panel

    Add a photo set inside a circular disk set in the criss cross center. Choose from any color or dual-colored ribbons.

  • Custom Casket Panel Insert - Purple Lilies - Celebrate Prints

    Floral Casket Panels

    Personalized cancer ribbons for every cause and offered in all colors. Single, Dual or Tri-colored ribbons available.

  • Motorcycle Casket Head Panel Insert - Celebrate Prints

    Casket Panel Outdoor Theme

    Childhood cancer ribbons (yellow cancer ribbon) with 3 lines of personalized text.

  • Mountain Landscape Personalized Casket Panel Insert - Full Couch - Celebrate Prints

    Full Couch Casket Panels

    Custom cancer ribbons made in blue with sparkling jewel center heart and crystal clear text.

  • Western Casket Head Panel Insert - Celebrate Prints

    Personalized Casket Panel

    Add a personalized photo in the center of the cancer ribbon criss cross for a truly unique ribbon.

  • Lighthouse View Casket Head Panel Insert - Celebrate Prints

    Casket Panel Waterscape Theme

    Unique zebra print cancer or awareness ribbons. Discover the elegance of our one-of-a-kind zebra print cancer or awareness ribbons, designed to raise awareness with sophistication.

  • Lavender Flowers Custom Casket Head Panel Insert - Celebrate Prints

    Casket Panels

    Orange cancer ribbons adorned with a dove in the criss cross. Capture attention and support for cancer awareness with these elegant orange ribbons featuring a dove in the criss cross, representing unity and compassion.

  • Custom Casket Panel Insert - Train Design - Celebrate Prints

    Custom Casket Panels

    We also carry awareness ribbons as well as cancer ribbons. Explore our collection, which includes a variety of awareness ribbons and cancer ribbons. This featured ribbon is our suicide awareness ribbons.

Casket Panels

Custom Casket Panel

Beyond aesthetics, casket panels serve a deeper emotional purpose. They can evoke memories and spark conversations among mourners, fostering a shared grieving process. For instance, a panel featuring a favorite quote or a depiction of a cherished place can help attendees connect over shared stories and experiences related to the deceased. This communal remembering is an essential part of the healing process, making the funeral service not just a farewell but a celebration of life.

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personalized casket panel insert

Personalized Casket Panel

This casket panel is cut to size for a baby's casket. We can cut the panel per your specific sizing. The practical aspects of selecting a casket panel also merit consideration. Families should work closely with funeral directors to ensure their choice fits within any set budgets and meets all practical requirements for the ceremony. Funeral professionals can provide guidance on the durability of materials and the feasibility of certain designs, ensuring that the final product is both beautiful and appropriately solemn.

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custom casket panel

Casket Panel

The casket panel is more than just a part of the casket’s structure; it is a canvas for personal expression and emotional connection. Through thoughtful selection and customization, it provides a final homage to a loved one, helping to encapsulate their life’s story and significance. As such, the casket panel plays a crucial role in the broader context of a funeral service, contributing to the overall atmosphere and emotional impact of the occasion.

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casket panel

Casket Panels

The casket panel, specifically the cap panel in the interior lid of the casket, is a profoundly personal feature in the display of a loved one during a funeral service. These panels can be customized to mirror the distinct personality and life journey of the deceased, with options ranging from simple, elegant fabrics to more intricate designs that highlight personal interests or achievements. The casket panel significantly enhances the personalization of the farewell ceremony, evoking cherished memories and facilitating shared stories among mourners. This element turns the funeral into not just a moment of mourning but also a celebration of the life and legacy of the departed.

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Casket Panels

Casket panels, particularly the cap panel situated in the interior lid of a casket, offer a distinctive opportunity to personalize the final presentation of a loved one. Traditionally, these panels are subtle and elegant, crafted from materials like satin, velvet, or crepe, and are often the first thing seen when the casket lid is opened. The choice of panel can reflect the personality and preferences of the deceased, adding a meaningful touch to the funeral service.

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frequently asked questions about casket panels

Casket Panel FAQs

How do I measure for a casket panel?

Your funeral home can assist you with measuring. You can also view our video to see how you measure a casket panel insert.

Can I place more than 1 photo on a casket panel?

Yes, you can place up to 3 photos or more on our casket panels. You can upload your photo(s) on the order page.

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What material is the casket panel made of?

Our casket panels are made of durable hardboard material wrapped in your choice of gloss, matte or canvas finish.

Can I get my casket panel by tomorrow?

Yes, if you order your casket panel before 12noon CST, we can ship it the same day if you select overnight delivery. Keep in mind however, this does not allow for any courier related issues.

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Casket Panel Inserts

Casket panel inserts, often overlooked in funeral planning, offer a unique opportunity to personalize a loved one’s final farewell. These inserts serve as a decorative element in the lid of the casket, providing a space for personal expression and tribute. Understanding the options and significance of casket panel inserts can help families make meaningful choices during a difficult time.

What are Casket Panel Inserts?

Casket panel inserts are customizable panels that fit inside the lid of a casket. Typically made from fabric such as satin, velvet, or silk, these panels can also feature different textures and designs. They are designed to be easily interchangeable, allowing for customization according to the preferences or interests of the deceased.

Types of Casket Panel Inserts
There are several types of panel inserts, ranging from simple and elegant designs to more elaborate and personalized options:

Standard Inserts: These often feature basic, dignified designs like crosses, praying hands, or simple floral patterns.

Custom Inserts: These can include a variety of images, from landscapes and religious symbols to hobbies or favorite pastimes of the deceased. Some families choose to incorporate photographs or meaningful quotes.

Themed Inserts: For those who had a particular passion or career, themed inserts can reflect this aspect of their life. Examples include military emblems for veterans, sports symbols for athletes, or specific motifs that represent a lifelong interest.

Casket Panel Personalization and Comfort
One of the primary reasons families choose custom casket panel inserts is to reflect the personality and life of the deceased. This personal touch can provide comfort to grieving family members and friends by highlighting cherished memories and the unique traits of their loved one. During the service, the casket serves as a focal point, and a personalized panel insert can serve as a conversation starter, helping attendees remember and celebrate the life lived.

Emotional Impact and Healing
Personalizing a funeral with elements like casket panel inserts can aid in the grieving process. Seeing symbols and images that signify what was important to the deceased can help family and friends connect with their memories and start the healing process. It makes the ceremony more intimate and reflective of the individual’s life.

How to Choose a Casket Panel Insert
When selecting a casket panel insert, consider the following:

Personal Significance: Choose a design that has a deep personal connection to the deceased and the family. Aesthetics: Ensure the design complements the interior of the casket and the overall theme of the funeral service. Professional Guidance: Consult with funeral directors or specialists who can provide insight and options that fit within your budget and preferences.

Casket panel inserts are more than just decorative elements; they are a powerful tool for personalization in a funeral service. They offer families a way to visually communicate the essence of their loved one’s life, making the final farewell as unique as the individual it honors. By incorporating these personalized touches, families can create a more meaningful and comforting experience for everyone involved.

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